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Dates:  Available between Mid-November through the end of March

Hunt Package:  5 nights, 4 days.  $5,500 with lodging  //  $4,500 without lodging

License:  There is no draw required for a mountain lion tag.  Available over the counter.  However, you must first have obtained a mountain lion education certificate issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  To obtain your certificate, visit the link below and follow the online instructions: 


Description:  This is an incredible opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime!   Join our staff as you search for tracks - this involves covering a lot of country on a snowmobile or ATV in attempt of crossing lion tracks.  Once a track is found, dogs are put on it to see if it carries a scent.  If the dogs pick up a scent, then the excitement begins as the hounds follow, find and tree the cat.  This process may take several hours.  Once the dogs have the lion bayed, you will work with your guide in finding the dogs and treed cat before it escapes.   Being in beautiful country and enjoying the thrill of the chase make hunting mountain lions a memory that you will never forget!



Experienced and professional guides working with quality hounds combined with thousands of acres of private land make the Motherwell Hunting Lodge one of the finest mountain lion hunt operations in Colorado.  All of this complemented by comfortable accommodations and genuine hospitality.  Mountain Lion hunting is a fun challenge and a rewarding hunt.  We love what we do and are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience, both in and out of the field.

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